refinemint: a consignment boutique



As the owner of Refinemint she brings her unique/artistic flair into the consignment world.  Upon entering her space, she takes you on a visual journey that has redefined what a "typical" consignment store should look like.  An "out of the box thinker" she brings something for everyone from hot sauces, to one of a kind jewelry, to home décor that can compliment any household.  Her employees like to refer to her as the "mastermind staging genius" that comes out in the middle of the night to work her magic!

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Samantha McCarthy


As the community liaison and internal organizer for Refinemint Cathy brings her fashion knowledge, polished business style, and organizational sense to compliment this team.  Always taking us to the next level to ensure our customer's needs are being met, we are so grateful for her presence.

Cathy Torregrossa

sales specialist & community liaison


Joseph McCarthy

store mascot & heartbreaker

Since his inception he has been surrounded by the creative energy of his mommy and the chatter of customers!  Joey is so thankful that his mom has a job that keeps her mind occupied, her creative juices flowing, and makes her proud.  "If mommy isn't happy, ain't nobody happy!  Boy am I glad she is!!!"

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